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Never Had Air Conditioning in Your Home?

Did you know that only about two-thirds of all homes in Oregon have air conditioners? Even in the Portland area, there are many days when we need the comfort of an efficient air conditioner. But all that cool air comes at a cost – air conditioners use approximately 5% of all the electricity produced in Oregon and emit an average of two tons of carbon dioxide per household.

Time to replace that old AC Unit?

If it’s time for you to replace your old air conditioning system, be sure to contact Tri County Temp Control and ask for a system with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. This will ensure that your AC unit not only keeps your home cool but does so in an efficient manner. That will significantly lower your cooling costs. A high efficiency central air conditioning system can reduce your energy usage by 20% to 50%. If your current air conditioning system is over 10 year’s old, consider installing a new energy efficient HVAC system.

Need Help Deciding?

It’s important to consider the size and location of your new air conditioning system. Our professionals at Tri County Temp Control will ensure that your new air conditioning system is within your budget, as well as the proper size for your home or business. If a central air conditioning unit is too small, it won’t be able to maintain a comfortable temperature on the hottest days. And a unit that’s too large won’t be able to remove the proper amount of humidity in the air. We and can help you select the air conditioning system that  is just right for your home or business..

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Other Features to Look For When Buying an Air Conditioner:
RUUD - Trane
  • A thermal expansion value and a high-temperature rating (EER) greater than 11.6, for high-efficiency operation when the weather is at its hottest

  • A variable speed air handler for new ventilation systems

  • A unit that operates quietly

  • A fan-only switch, so you can use the unit for nighttime ventilation to substantially reduce air-conditioning costs

  • A filter check light to remind you to check the filter after a predetermined number of operating hours

  • An automatic-delay fan switch to turn off the fan a few minutes after the compressor turns off.

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We install, service and repair heating and air conditioning from all the leading brands in the industry including Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Coleman and RUUD.

Tri County Temp Control has been providing quality heat and air conditioning repairs, installation, service and maintenance in Portland, Oregon, since 1987.


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XV20i Variable Speed

Air Conditioner

The XV20i AC unit is one of the industry’s most efficient variable speed air conditioners; on the hottest of days it cools your home with precision, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.


Air Conditioner

Two-stage cooling with the Trane XL18i offers flexible family comfort, with the ability to cool every room to the right temperature efficiently. So even the hard-to-cool parts of your home will be easy to relax in.


Air Conditioner

You can be sure the XV18 air conditioner will cool your home with precision. This variable speed air conditioning system is built to stand up to the toughest elements, while lowering your cooling costs for an all-around comfort experience.


Air Conditioner

A smart investment in comfort and efficiency, with up to a 16.50 SEER rating. The XB16 can help your home overcome the most stifling days with reliable, energy-conscious operation.