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Cooling and Heating systems that deliver

air as pristine as the world’s most refreshing places.
Designed to fit your life
No matter what events occur in your life, Mitsubishi cooling and heating systems give you the flexibility to adapt. As a result, you can enjoy ultimate comfort and energy efficiency – even as you change the way you use your house.

Mitsubishi cooling and heating systems can help you enjoy ultimate comfort, no matter what changes you are dealing with in your home. You will enjoy the quiet and reliable service that Mitsubishi is known for with performance that meets Energy Star standards.

Zonal Control

Complete comfort all day and every day. Energy-efficient Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems give you total control over the temperature in any room. Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology provides quick response cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

  • Do you live mostly in two or three rooms in your house?

    Now you can save energy by turning down the thermostat and using zone control to keep the spaces you use most at your ideal temperature.

  • Have you decided to work from home?

    Converting the space over your garage into a comfortable office is now possible.

  • Do you have a new hobby?

    Achieving the perfect temperature in the attic that you turned into an art studio is finally possible.


As a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, Tri-County can help you select from the list of heating/cooling, cooling-only, heat pumps and multi-room heat pump systems that are ENERGY STAR and Tax Credit qualified. Call us and schedule an appointment, let us help you get control of your utility bill.Call 503-557-2220


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